Announcing the Inauguration of the StatWeather Institute for Climate Solutions
As a social enterprise, StatWeather, Inc., was founded in 2009 to solve some of the world’s toughest problems in weather and climate prediction—an area which was predominantly in the domain of government agencies. Using state-of-art proprietary artificial intelligence engines, StatWeather pioneered a purely data-driven, statistical approach to weather and climate modeling which gained intense scrutiny as well recognition, garnering a bevy of international accolades and a customer roster resembling the membership list of The New York Stock Exchange. The small technology startup soon became a behemoth in the world of data solutions, garnering global “Data Provider of the Year” by Energy Risk and ranking as a “Rising Star” company in Platts’ Global Energy Awards, the “Oscars” of the energy industry. Founder Ria Persad also ranked in the top 7 global “Lifetime Achievement” leaders in the Platts GEA and was recognized as the global “Power-Gen and Renewable Energy Woman of the Year.” StatWeather’s accuracy in long-range forecasting was covered by publications ranging from Forbes to The Wall Street Journal as a quantum leap in the field of predicting weather patterns as far ahead as one year in some cases.

As StatWeather built out its suite of data products, only half of its technology developments were commercialized to its energy customers. This target market required temperature- and precipitation-based products, while other offerings in the fields of drought, hydrology, ocean weather, and decadal climate trends remained in-house under research and development. With the onslaught of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma which hit the United States in Fall of 2017 and heightening climate change affecting global patterns, StatWeather’s founders have inaugurated a new 501(c)(3) organization, the StatWeather Institute. This new non-profit will license the “other half” of StatWeather’s prediction suite in offering the world the first-ever long-range, 2-year-ahead drought and hydrological prediction suite, 10-year-ahead climate trend predictions, and long-range ocean weather offerings in a humanitarian effort made freely available to the global public through the internet.

The commercial company of StatWeather will remain based out Tampa, Florida, with computational operations in the San Francisco Bay area, and will continue to offer its customers short- and long-range weather forecasting solutions as before. The non-profit StatWeather Institute will be based out of Asheville, North Carolina, the home of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information and The Collider, the world’s climate solutions headquarters. As its donor base increases, the StatWeather Institute will source technology talent from Silicon Valley and research talent from its base in Asheville. Both academic and governmental partners will serve in advisory capacities to advance the humanitarian efforts of the StatWeather Institute in addressing the urgent need of accurate climate modeling with a view towards the protection of life and the preservation of economies around the globe.

The new offerings of the StatWeather Institute will be freely available to the public through the website To learn more about the commercial offerings of StatWeather, go to For additional information, write to